Rethink the Mail

A unique postal mail management, file storage, and cloud syncing application which encourages consumers to print less, recycle more, and reap the rewards

Modern Features and Eco-friendly

Features include an interactive dashboard which allows users to easily manage postal mail and other tasks
while reducing one's carbon footprint by encouraging users to print less and recycle more

Postal Mail Management

Create a domain which correlates to either a personal or business address and you'll be able to receive, send, and manage postal mail from anywhere in the world.

Legal Document Registry

Securely store important legal documents such as deeds, auto registrations, wills, etc. at our secure facility and when you need them it's as easy as checking out a library book.

Store, Share, Sync

Store, share, and sync files for your household or business and effortlessly search for document by keywords and upload photos with ease. Our file organizer also allows you to easily create your own file categories.

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The number of times purchased greeting cards in the U.S. and U.K. if aligned end-to-end would stretch around the world


The cost of a postage stamp was 2 cents in 1900


The United States Postal Service processed 155.4 Billion pieces of mail in 2014


Revenue in millions from the sale of online greeting cards in the U.S.